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A Year At The Movies

A Year at the Movies : One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey by Kevin Murphy
by Kevin Murphy

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For some of us, moviegoing is an occasional pleasure. Kevin Murphy made it his obsession, and he did it for you. Mr. Murphy, known to legions of fans as Tom Servo on the legendary TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000, went to the movies every day for a year. That's every single day, people. For a whole fricken' year. And not only did he endure, he prevailed -- for this is the hilarious, poignant, fascinating journal of his adventures: the first book about the movies from the audience's point of view. Kevin went to the multiplex, sure. But he didn't stop there. He found the world's smallest commercial movie theater. Another one made completely of ice. Checked out flicks in a tin-roofed hut in the South Pacific. Tooled across the desert from drive-in to drive-in in a groovy convertible. Lived for a week solely on theater food. Took six different women to the same date movie. Dressed up as a nun for the Sing-Along Sound of Music in London. Sneaked into the Cannes and Sundance film festivals. Smuggled an entire Thanksgiving dinner into a movie theater. And saw hundreds of films, from the Arctic Circle to the Equator, from the sublime to the unspeakable. Come along on a joyous global celebration of the cinema with a man on a mission -- to spend A Year at the Movies.
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I Know What You Quoted Last Summer

I Know What You Quoted Last Summer: Quotes and Trivia from the Most Memorable Contemporary Movies
by Jai Nanda

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Think you know your movie quotes and trivia? Think again. Covering the last twenty-five years of moviemaking, I Know What You Quoted Last Summer is packed with your favorite one-liners and trivia about the films, their stars, and their directors. Do you know... What instrument Michelle played in American Pie? What the name of the town was in The Truman Show? What the first rule of Fight Club is? What films inspired us to say... There’s nothing worse in life than being ordinary. I shall call him Mini-Me. Don’t make me have to open a can of ‘whup-ass.’ With quotes and trivia for three levels of knowledge, I Know What You Quoted Last Summer can help you build your skill and challenge your friends. It includes special sections on your favorite actors, Oscar winners, the American Film Institutes Top 100 Films, movie sequels, and many more!
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Ten Sure Signs

Ten Sure Signs a Movie Character is Doomed, and Other Surprising Movie Lists
by Richard Roeper

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Roeper, the syndicated movie critic who replaced the late Gene Siskel as Roger Ebert's TV partner, certainly has the credentials to craft a handful of insightful movie lists. He also has the wit to make this book fun enough that you don't have to be a movie buff to appreciate it. Treating his subjects with the respect they deserve, he runs the gamut from the funnily frivolous ("Red-Carpet Flubs and Blunders by Joan Rivers" e.g., Rivers gushes about J.Lo's teeth and then asks the diva, "Are they yours?") to the frivolously risqué ("Best Porn Titles Based on Legit Movies" e.g., 6 Lays, 7 Nights) to more conventional fare ("Best Films that Didn't Win the Academy Award for Best Picture" e.g., Citizen Kane). Lest the Motion Picture Academy feel slighted, Roeper also takes the AFI to task, listing movies that should and should not have made its 100 "best" list. Whatever the category, Roeper lets it rip.
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Stars on Set

Stars on Set: Stolen Moments
by Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Marc Brincourt, Guillaume Clavieres

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If you are interested about movies than you should buy "Stars on Set" and discover the stolen moments. Everyone will find it so amazing to see stars in another perspective. Fantastic photos of famous celebrities.
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Their First Time

Their First Time in the Movies (With DVD & VHS)
by Les Krantz

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This is a unique package for movie lovers--a handsome 160-page hardcover book with over 300 rare photographs--plus a 60 minute documentary with over 30 rare movie clips on both DVD and VHS video. This book / DVD / video package will excite anyone who loves movies and movie stars. By day he was a Memphis truck driver who hated his job and aspired to become an electrical repairman. But young Elvis Presley had another dream, and in 1954 he stepped into the studio at Sun Records to say goodbye to driving trucks forever. Within two years, he was not only a recording star but a film star as well. The King was born. When he arrived in Hollywood from his home in Missouri determined to make it, he found work at a Mexican restaurant wearing a chicken costume. But when Brad Pitt landed his first acting gig in Dallas it was in the role of the boyfriend of Priscilla Presley's on-screen daughter. The road to stardom is filled with odd detours and some spectacular potholes. Their First Time in the Movies charts that crazy journey and the moment, the very edge of stardom, when some of our best-loved stars began to glimmer. We all know the Marilyn Monroe of Some Like it Hot and the Clark Gable of Gone with the Wind. Everyone remembers Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But before they were stars they were hopefuls with talent, determination, and often an uncanny gift for following their illustrious destinies. Now, for the first time ever, the first performances—in the movies—of over 30 top stars are collected on one video tape, complemented by a beautifully designed book that tells the stories of these stars, and 70 others, on their way to the top. It is a remarkable showcase of the raw talent that made our top entertainers the enduring stars they are.
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