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Acting Learn the Method
Acme Improv Comedy Theatre
The Acting Corps
Acting Intuitive
Actors Method Workshop
The Acting Place
Actor's Shakespeare Academy
AIA Studios
Aliso Creek Voice Over Workshops
Atlantic Theater
Joel Asher
Tiny Bandeleros Comedy Improv
Bang Studio
Bardline School of Classic Theatre
Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio
Susan Blu Voice Over Workshops
Gene Bua Acting for Life Theatre
Ron Burrus
Carlen Heller Acting Workshop
Circus Theatricals
Sam Christensen Studios
College of Comedy
Comedy Workshops
Carole D'Andrea
Piero Dusa
Alan Feinstein/Paul Tuerpe Acting
The Groundlings
Howard Fine
Hey I Saw Your Commercial
Hull Actors Studio
Idiot Cental Improv Classes
Kimberly Jentzen Film Actors
Anita Jesse Studio
Steve Kaplan
Milton Katselas
Margie Haber
The Ken Lerner Studio
LA Connection Comedy Theatre
Los Angeles Actors Workshop Coalition
Learning Annex
Ned Manderino Workshop
The Meisner Center
Steven Memel Voice Studio
Sandra Merrill Commercial Classes
Modern Creative Lab
Eric Morris
Steve North Comedy Coach
Elizabeth Prescott Singing
Rob Reece Method Acting
Reel English Coach
Screen Actors Studio
Second City
Stage 13
Lee Strasberg Acting Studio
The Stop Dreamin On-Camera Acting Studio
Paul Sylvan
Theatre Sports
Cameron Thor
Tiger Entertainment
Tom Todoroff
UCLA Extension Classes
Vocal Power Academy
Debra Watson
Judith Weston Studio
Kimberly K. Wilson Film/TV Acting Workshop

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