Donna Grayson
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                                       Donna Grayson
           Agent: Mademoiselle Talent Agency, West Los Angeles

Height: 4 feet 10 inches        Eyes: Green       Hair: Brown
Weight: 175                           Size: 16/18


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Fly On The Wall - supporting - Dagney Kerr Productions
Stay Awake - supporting - Linda Janakos,
Con of One - lead/sci-fi fanatic - Sonny Madison, Master Productions
Seldom Seen - lead/evil homeless women - Vartan Nazarian,
One Man's Trash - supporting/garage sale lady - Alyssa Lobit, Random Productions
Out of Time - lead/mean school teacher - Sayed Ali Nasir,
Jewel's Intuition Music Video - featured/various - Marc Klasfeld, Rockhard Films
The Voice of God - supporting/nun - M. Harrison, USC
Ageless Love - supporting/60s flower child - L. Ventriglia, USC
Ricky 1 - supporting/housewife - W. Nodd Productions
In and Out - supporting/street person - Closet Productions
Monster In the Closet - supporting/student - Closet Productions
Dime A Dozen - supporting/shopper - Y. Willfry, CSN
Identities - supporting/secretary - C. Hawkins, USC
Thats My Baby - supporting/wedding guest - W. Jackson, UCLA

The Rise of LBJ - supporting/various - Dramagarage, The Complex
Acting Showcase - various - Pacific Resident Theatre
Stage Door - supporting/Big Mary - Genesis Theatre Company
Childrens Theatre - various - New Life Performing Arts
Is Nudity Required? - lead/Beth and Connie - Off Hollywood Theatre

Other Theatre
Grainne - Producer - The Living Room Series at The Blank Theatre
Lock Up - House Manager - The Syndicate, Lillian Theatre

Once A Hero - supporting/friend - New World Television
Mechanical Universe - supporting/college student - PBS Television

List available on request

Theatre Arts Major - Santa Monica College
Commercial Acting - Keisuke Hoashi - Secret Rose Theatre
Scene Study - Daniel Henning, The Blank Theatre Company
Scene Study - Marilyn Fox, Pacific Resident Theatre
Scene Study - Frank Condon, Odessey Theatre
Improvisation - Michael Guthrie
Acting for Commercials - Elizabeth Nueman
Commercial Acting - Professional Artists Group
Acting for Television - Allison Rice
Vocal Technique - Susan Weiss Morgan
Basic Singing Technique - Maggie Vaughn

Volunteer Work
American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood
Film Festivals: Los Angeles Independant Film Fest, AFI Film Fest, Silverlake Film Fest

Special Skills
Singing and Songwriting (CD & MP3s on the Internet), Computers, Gardening, Cooking, Reading, Low-impact aerobics, bicycling.
Great with animals. I currently have a wonderful cat, but in the past I've had dogs, bird and parrots.

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