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Hi ! Welcome to my website ! has gone through many changes in over the last 12 years.
Has it been 12 years ? ... Oh, my - yes 12 years !
I am currently in the process of trying to split all my things up, and make my world a little bit easier for people on the www to view.
So please pardon my dust while things are getting settled.

Donna's Blog
Getting this updated to include more writing from my personal experience, with personal reviews and recommendations
I love to write, I just have to find the time

Check Out my Original Zazzle Stores:
Donna's Designs...My original Zazzle store with lots of products
Donna's Photography...Check out my photography available on many products
Donna's Abstracts ....My original abstract art shop on Zazzle
Donna's Greeting Cards Greeting Cards for many occassions
Donna's Photo Frames ....Photo frames to add your pictures

And now more Zazzle Stores !
Bright Vibes Designs...Invitations, Stationery, Letterhead, Flyers, Notebooks and more paper products
Bright Vibes Fashion Handbags, Neckties, shoes, tshirts and more
Bright Vibes Electric Cases and Sleeves for your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other electronic devies
Bright Vibes Wedding Colorful wedding invitations, Save the Dates, postage stamps and magnets
Bright Vibes Home Home Decor, Pillows, Plates, Mugs, Kichen items,placemates, napkins, clocks
Bright Vibes BusinessBinders, Letterhead, Business Cards and more
Colorful Pattern Gifts... A selection of Gifts for everyone
Your New Business Cards...Business cards in many unique designs
Unique Wall Art.... Posters, Canvas Artwork, Photography and more
Tshirt Art Work....Tshirt design, shoes and more fashion items
Color Paper Supplies....Simple color paper for your office

Remember to follow me on Twitter
Donna Grayson Twitter
Updates on all happenings, art, reviews, recommendations
Bright Vibes Design Twitter My artwork on Zazzle, along with recommendations of other Zazzle artists and more

And Like Me on Facebook
Donna Grayson Designs Posting a little bit of everything
Bright Vibes Design My newest Zazzle products and art
Colorful Fashion Gifts My store for highlighing other Zazzle artists

I also have a new website for Bright Vibes Design.

And do you like Cats ? Cinnamon the Cat inspired me to hightlight other Zazzle artists who make colorful groovy cat art
The Groovy Cat website is here
And click here The Groovy Cat on Twitter

I am in the process of getting Donna's Blog caught up and back up to date.
I hope you visit often !

Peace and Love ..... from Donna !

I'm so happy you are here!


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